Yaşar Akpençe - Desert Wind - Artists Yaşar Akpençe Style Percussion, Turkish Release Date 1 Jan 2023 Cat No. HC80 Format 7" Vinyl - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Vinyl Record

Yaşar Akpençe - Desert Wind

LABEL:   Hot Casa Records

ARTISTS: Yaşar Akpençe
RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-01
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Percussion, Turkish

Yaşar Akpençe was born in 1966 in Istanbul (Türquiye) and can be consider as one of the best world darbouka player. He began his career in music at the age of 9 by playing Congo and carried on with the darbuka at 13 and made his musical dream come true by working with famous musicians. Akpençe has performed as a guest musician on numerous albums as well as being the founder of the percussion collective known as « Harem Group ». Yasar has performed with almost every major artist in Turkey, spanning many genres including pop, traditional. gypsy, jazz, arabesque and contemporary. The track « Desert Wind » was released in 2004 on his cd album « Passion Percussion » and we ‘re very proud to reissue it for the first time on vinyl. This track is a dance floor classic ! A perfect tool for DJ’s all over the world.

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