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Abacothozi - Thema Maboneng - Artists Abacothozi Style Funk Release Date 31 May 2024 Cat No. JAZZR034 Format 12
Ariel - Ariel - Artists Ariel Style Jazzdance, Fusion Release Date 5 Apr 2024 Cat No. JAZZR031 Format 12
Blue Mode & El Chavo - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Artists Blue Mode & El Chavo Genre Soul-Jazz, Reissue Release Date 23 Feb 2024 Cat No. JAZZR032 Format 7
Colin Curtis Presents - indigo jam unit - Artists indigo jam unit Genre Jazz, Fusion Release Date 28 Jul 2023 Cat No. JAZZR026 Format 12
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Cruisic - Jazz Carnival / Pacific 707 - Artists Cruisic Genre Jazz-Funk, Latin Jazz Release Date 16 Nov 2022 Cat No. JAZZR021 Format 7
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Danny Ward & Reality - Danny Ward & Reality - Artists Danny Ward & Reality Genre Jazz, Reissue Release Date 6 Oct 2023 Cat No. JAZZR027 Format 12
Eric Ghost - 'Secret Sauce' Vinyl - Artists Eric Ghost Genre Psychedelic, Jazz, Reissue Release Date 18 Nov 2022 Cat No. JAZZR020 Format 12
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Frank Noviello - Surprise! - Vinyl Record
Goma Laca - Cala Boca Menino - Artists Goma Laca Style Soul-Jazz Release Date 3 May 2024 Cat No. JAZZR035 Format 7
Jazzberry Patch - Jazzberry Patch - Artists Jazzberry Patch Genre Jazz, Soul Release Date 29 July 2022 Cat No. JAZZR017 Format 12
Johnny Walker - Advent - Artists Johnny Walker Genre Jazz, Fusion Release Date 27 Sept 2022 Cat No. JAZZR018 Format 12
Khan Jamal - Infinity - Artists Khan Jamal Genre Jazz, Reissue Release Date 1 Jan 2021 Cat No. JAZZR006 Format 12
Michel Magne - Le Monocle Rit Jaune (ft. Michel Magne) (Vinyl) - Super cool Jazz score by Michel Magne in the vein of Take Five, Super Rare too, original copies fetching £250 and upwards. Anyone who was into the last Jazz Room single release of Take Vibes - Vinyl Record
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Mike Dogliotti - Hagalo / Camaleon - Artists Mike Dogliotti Genre Latin Jazz, Reissue Release Date 6 Oct 2023 Cat No. JAZZR028 Format 7
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Nautilus - Lady Day & John Coltrane - Artists Nautilus Genre Soul-Jazz Release Date 24 Feb 2023 Cat No. JAZZR024 Format 7
Norio Maeda Trio & Terumasa Hino Quintet - Alpha Ray - Artists Norio Maeda Trio & Terumasa Hino Quintet Style Soul-Jazz Release Date 7 Jun 2024 Cat No. JAZZR036 Format 7
ONEGRAM - Trans Europe Express - Artists ONEGRAM Genre Jazz-Funk, Reissue Release Date 27 Oct 2023 Cat No. JAZZR029 Format 7
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Orquesta Mayombe - Con Ritmo Del Tambo - Artists Orquesta Mayombe Genre Salsa, Jazz, Reissue Release Date 28 Apr 2023 Cat No. JAZZR023 Format 12
Robin Jones Quintet - Denga - Artists Robin Jones Quintet Genre Latin Jazz Release Date 24 June 2022 Cat No. JAZZR015 Format 12
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Ronnie April's Positive Energy - Ronnie April's Positive Energy – Volume 1 - Vinyl Record
Shamek Farrah & Folks - La Dee La La (Vinyl) - Another top notch Funky Spiritual Jazz release from Paul Murphy's Jazz Room Records. Featuring Strata-East stalwart Shamek Farrah on Saxes and an all star cast including Trumpet Legend Malachi Thompson. The m - Vinyl Record
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Sir Edward - The Power Of Feeling - Artists Sir Edward Genre Jazz Release Date March 25, 2022 Cat No. JAZZR014 Format 12
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T. Honda - What's Going On - Artists T. Honda Genre Funk, Soul, Contemporary Release Date 27 Jan 2023 Cat No. JAZZR022 Format 12
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Take Vibe - Golden Brown - Artists Take Vibe Genre Jazz Release Date 16 Dec 2022 Cat No. JAZZR005RED Format 7
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Takumi Moriya Black Nation - Shakey Jake - Artists Takumi Moriya Black Nation Genre Jazz-Funk, Reissue Release Date 3 Nov 2023 Cat No. JAZZR030 Format 7
The Electric Jazz Room - The Electric Jazz Room - Artists The Electric Jazz Room Genre Jazz Release Date 14 January 2022 Cat No. JAZZR010 Format 7

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