Vinyl Collection Cleaning Services


Have a bunch of dusty or dirty records full of crackles and pops? Want to get your records in the best condition possible for an upcoming gig or for just listening at home? Then our vinyl record collection cleaning service is just for you!



PRO-JECT WASH IT CLEANING FLUID This cleaning fluid is specially formulated to remove the deepest dirt from your records and keeping them clean and protected whilst also reducing static charge build-up.

GOAT'S HAIR RECORD CLEANING BRUSH The gentle goat hairs work the cleaning fluid deep into the record grooves with ultimate efficiency. Naturally anti-Static bristles prevent static build up common on other brushes.

100% PURE DISTILLED WATER High quality distilled water that is 100% free from contaminants and contains no trace minerals.

ONE OF THE BEST VINYL RECORD CLEANING MACHINES ON THE MARKET The vinyl record cleaning machine we use takes record cleaning to new levels. It has a super powerful vacuum that cleans records in as little as one or two rotations. It turns the record superfast within 2 seconds per rotation, which is about 3 times faster than comparable cleaning machines. The sound of your record will be vastly clearer then it was before and static removed!



We offer four types of service...

BASIC (3-5 working days)

Our basic service just offers a thorough clean of your records. 

Price: £1.50 per record.

Special offer: £65 for 50 records or £100 for 100 records.

STANDARD (2-3 working days)

Our standard service offers a thorough clean of your records plus we will put all your records in the highest quality polythene dust sleeves, so they're fully protected from dust in future. 

Price: £2 per record.

Special offer: £85 for 50 records or £160 for 100 records.

PREMIUM (1-2 working days)

Our premium package offers a thorough clean plus all your records will be re-sleeved into white poly-lined inner sleeves and polythene dust sleeves. The poly-lined inner sleeves are much better for your records then the standard white paper inner sleeves, which can cause surface scratches. 

Price: £3 per record.

Special offer: £125 for 50 records or £200 for 100 records.

PREMIUM + (Guaranteed next working day - excluding weekends!)

With our Premium Plus package you'll get a thorough clean of your records plus any damaged outer sleeves will be replaced with brand new multi-coloured outer sleeves, poly-lined inners sleeves, then everything put into polythene dust sleeves. Your record collection will be at it's peak after this treatment!

Price: £4 per record. 

Special offer: £175 for 50 records or £300 for 100 records.  





There are three options...

1) DROP-OFF You can drop your records off at our office address and you can come collect them when they're done or we can ship them out to you via one of our courier services for £10.

2) COLLECT If you're based in London, we can come collect the records from you and drop them off when they're done. This service will incur an additional £20 charge. 

3) DELIVERY If you're outside London, let us know your address and we can organise a courier collection for a fee of £25 (covers both collection and delivery once they're done). Please make sure to package them securely. We are not liable for any damage incurred in transit if they have not been packaged properly.


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