Artists Crue Genre Disco House Release Date 1 Apr 2016 Cat No. CRUE04 Format 10" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Crue - 'Crue 4' Vinyl

LABEL:   Crue

RELEASE DATE: 2016-04-01
FORMAT: 10" Vinyl
GENRE: Disco House

Media Condition: Mint

Sleeve Condition: Mint

The mysterious Crue have been putting out solid house whites for the past four years, and still we're waiting to know who's behind this enigmatic little project. What YOU need to know, however, is that a tune like "Crue A" doesn't come around too often, and its warm, dubby glow fits in ever so will with the scorching waves of disco at its core. The flipside, "Crue B", jingles and dangles its 70s wings in similar fashion, this time spear-headed by a bumpier, more explosive groove. Choice cuts!

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