Pontchartrain Featuring Javonntte - P&J EP (Vinyl) - Before relocating to NYC in 2020, Pontchartrain invited colleague Javonntte over to record several songs together at Pontch’s east-side Detroit studio... - Vinyl Record

Pontchartrain Featuring Javonntte - P&J

LABEL:   Lovedancing

ARTISTS: Ponchartrain, Javonntte
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-03
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: House, Deep House

Before relocating to NYC in 2020, Pontchartrain invited colleague Javonntte over to record several songs together at Pontch’s east-side Detroit studio.

The collaboration yielded several songs that blend Pontch’s studio prowess and dramatic sound, with Javonntte’s wide ranging performance skill, and soulful style. “Cirrus”, as the name suggests, is a deeper cloudy synth-heavy house track, previously selected by DJ Holographic for release on Carl Craig’s Detroit Love vol 6 compilation, but get’s an updated mix & master, as well as a seriously heavy remix by fellow motor city deep house honcho, Delano Smith.
“Keep Dancing” features additional vocals by Javonntte in a hard hitting and highly playable “Detroit” version, as well as a completely different version re-mixed and produced in Pontch’s Harlem studio.

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