Artists Bitter End Genre Disco House, Nu-Disco Release Date 9 Dec 2019 Cat No. GALL011 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Unknown Artist - 'Honky Get Fonky' Vinyl

LABEL:   Bitter End

ARTISTS: Bitter End
RELEASE DATE: 2019-12-09
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Disco House, Nu-Disco

Media Condition: Near Mint

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint

Bitter End continue to rip up the rule book with a genre defying output that's STILL far better than the rest Release No.11 hits the ground running with a whiteboy Disco-Funk bomb on the A, a relentless gallop with soaring synth work and an unwavering commitment to uniting sweaty bodies. BU BU YAM YAM on the AA is an equally irresistible Jazz-Funk looper which harks back to a time when spats and talc Jazz-dancers vied for space in the dark with saucer-eyed rave explorers. Dependably incendiary ! As always, limited and LOUD

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