Artists Akasha System Tape Hiss Manuel Darquart Cosmic Cherry Nicodemo Genre Deep / Italo House, Italo Disco Release Date 2 Sept 2022 Cat No. ALZVA01 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Various - 'Various Artists 01' Vinyl

LABEL:   Alzaya

ARTISTS: Akasha System, Tape Hiss, Manuel Darquart, Cosmic Cherry, Nicodemo
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-31
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Deep / Italo House, Italo Disco

Philip Sherburne once described the Oregon’s producer as follows: the closer you peer, the more Akasha System’s seemingly uncomplicated music turns out to be something like an interdependent system, a dynamic landscape of give and take. This sense of interdependence is deep and alive. Still relevant today of Thompson’s sound signature. Blooming interconnected soundscascapes that channel house, IDM, ambient and timeless dreamy synths.

A soft wind blows from sea to sea, carrying with it siren songs of gentle piano and hope for a brighter future. Emotional dance music from the Brooklyn producer.

Going back to what makes us happiest. ‘Low Tide’ is the sister track to our Italo-inspired ‘High Tide’ tune from our Infinite Pleasure EP. 606 Hats, 808 snares, and of course the Lately Bass punching through some wavy Juno pads. Name us a better combo, we’ll wait.

After making it through yet another lengthy and grey Berlin winter, DJ and producer Cosmic Cherry put together “Malibu” to have you dream of warmer, friendlier places. A summery, mellow house track with airy vocals and a punchy bass line that takes you to your favorite destinations. Using her own voice in German, she longs for those times where you can smell the saltwater in the air and dance through mild summer nights.

Nicodemo gets back to his own imprint with his italo touch, balearic infused; a hypnotic and effective track that jacks your body with plenty of hands-in-the-air synths, a pumping bassline, and rhythmic elements rising to a harmonic crescendo.

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