Duval Timothy - 2 Sim - Vinyl Record

Duval Timothy - 2 Sim

LABEL:   Carrying Colour

ARTISTS: Duval Timothy
RELEASE DATE: 2024-06-14
FORMAT: 12” Split Colour 180g Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz, Field Recordings

Duval Timothy releases a highly requested repress of his 2018 EP 2 Sim on split colour heavyweight vinyl via Carrying Colour records. The project’s title is taken from a Krio phrase that refers to Sierra Leoneans of dual nationality as mobile phones that have two sim cards. The project was recorded in Sierra Leone and the UK and features Duval’s piano compositions married with field recordings made in and around the landscape of the capital city Freetown as well as interviews with Duval’s family and friends who explore their relationship to the idea of being a ‘2 Sim’. Botany Rd creates a musical soundscape through a walk with friends starting from the urban centre of Freetown up into the hills through small farming communities. First Rain takes a field recording of the rain arriving at Duval’s home in Freetown at the end of the dry season. The weather cycle echoing Duval’s cycle of migration between the UK and West-Africa.

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