Introducing the STASH option

Hey record lovers,
Enter the code STASH in the discount / gift box section in the checkout to build your orders over time and avoid delivery charges for every order.
When you want me to ship your orders, just get in touch via email or instagram asking for an update on what's in stock / request to ship.
If you qualify for free shipping, we'll ship right away. If you don't qualify for a free shipping offer, we'll invoice you for the delivery fees and once the invoice is complete, we'll ship!
Two main positives of the STASH option:
1) It saves on delivery fees.
2) It saves on delivery trips, so it's a more environmentally friendly way of buying online. 
Happy digging!
IMPORTANT: Please be aware that any stash orders over 6 months old without any contact with us will be forfeited back into our stock and a store credit voucher will be forwarded to your email address.

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