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Our physical record shop is opening in the summer of 2024 and we're in need of a diverse selection of second-hand records!


We're experienced in grading and selling records for more than a decade now. As you can see by our Trustpilot and Discogs reviews, we take a lot of pride in offering our customers an honest, personal and professional service. We want to make the process of selling your collection as transparent and seamless as possible.



1) SPLIT PROFITS 50/50 We sell your vinyl and split the profits after tax, 50/50.

You'll be able to access your private collection link showing all your records up for sale and see what's been sold.

You'll also be able to access a spreadsheet file (once all records have been put up for sale) showing an overview of all your records for sale, sold and your outstanding balance.

Just reply to our email letting us know whether you'd like to cash out the outstanding balance and you'll be bank transferred the balance immediately.

Alternatively, if there are any records you would like from our store, you can use the outstanding balance as credit towards an order/s.

2) COLLECTION If you don't have the time to drop your records off at our shop, we'll come collect your records off you at a time that suits you. 

3) CATALOGUE & GRADING We'll get to work right away on cataloging and grading your collection, and listing it for sale on our website and Discogs store. 

4) YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION PAGE As soon as your first records are listed for sale, we will email you your own personal collection page where you can view all your records up for sale on the website. You'll be able to see on the collection page what is up for sale and what has sold. See an example of what it'll look like here



1)  TIMESAVING When selling for a lump sum, you usually have to spend time grading and uploading your records to your Discogs collection, and then spend time emailing record shops with the CSV file, so they can give you an estimation. Sometimes they will pay less for your collection if the grading is not correct. 

2) NO LABOUR AND NO RISK When you sell your own collection it requires a lot of time and risk. You lose 12-15% on Discogs and PayPal fees. If a parcel is lost by the courier or postal service, you have to pay back the customer. You have to queue to drop off your parcels at the local post office or royal mail drop-off. Our service saves you all the time and absorbs all the risk. 

3) FLEXIBLE If you decide there are more records from your collection you'd like to sell, we'll just add them to the collection already up for sale. Add as many or as little as you want. 

4) PROMOTION Get your collection promoted on our website and socials, and promote the collection to your followers as well via the collection link we send you! See an example of one of our customer's collections here




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