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Is my order eligible for free or discounted shipping?

1. What free and discounted shipping offers do we offer?


Discount Offer

United Kingdom

Free shipping on orders over £60

European Union Customers Free shipping on orders over £135


2. Please note on our free and discounted shipping offers...

Only in stock items count towards our free and discounted shipping offers.

If your order contains pre-order items and you've selected the free or discounted shipping offer option in the checkout, you will have to wait for your pre-order items to arrive in stock before we can ship for free or at discount. 


3. EU customers - import tax collected on parcel arrival in country for orders over £125!

EU customers please note for orders over £125, you will be charged import tax at your local rate and handling fees when your parcel arrives in your destination country.

For orders under roughly £125 (150 euros) (this threshold changes according to the currency rates), you will be charged tax in the checkout, so you won't be charged tax or handling charges when your parcel arrives in your country. 

If the parcel is returned because payment was not made in time, you will receive a refund for all the items in your order when your box has been returned, or you can pay for delivery fees to get it shipped out again. We can't send it out for free again if one of your parcels is returned due to non-payment of import taxes.

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