Semi Delicious

Demi Riquísimo - 'Rush Common' Vinyl - Artists Demi Riquisimo Lulah Francs Genre Deep House / Disco House, Edits Release Date 14 Jul 2022 Cat No. SEMID011 Format 12
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Demi Riquísimo – Mysterious - Artists Demi Riquísimo Genre Disco House Release Date Cat No. SEMID002 Format 12
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Manuel Darquart - 'Turbo Shandy' Vinyl - Artists Manuel Darquart Demi Riquísimo Genre Deep House, Italo House Release Date 9 Sept 2022 Cat No. SEMID012 Format 12
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Mpeg - Thanks For Calling - Mpeg - Thanks For Calling - Artists Mpeg Genre Breakbeat, Deep House Release Date 4 Nov 2022 Cat No. SEMID013 Format 12
Artists Revivis Style Italo House, Progressive Release Date 14 Jun 2024 Cat No. SEMID018 Format 12
Subb-an - Wobble EP - Artists Subb-an Style Tech House Release Date 3 May 2024 Cat No. SEMID017 Format 12
Various - Asylum of Love EP - Various - Asylum of Love EP - Artists Various Genre Italo House, Progressive House, Acid House Release Date 3 Nov 2023 Cat No. SEMID016 Format 12
Various - Kraken EP - Various - Kraken EP - Artists Various Genre Italo, Acid, Progressive House Release Date 1 Jan 2023 Cat No. SEMID015 Format 12
Various - Perripheral Visions EP - London based Italo-house afficionado Demi Riquísimo’s Semi Delicious continues to roll out superb releases with consistent development in its sound... - Semi Delicious - Semi Delicious - Semi Delicious - Various - Perrip - Vinyl Record
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Various - Reconfigured II - Various - Reconfigured II - Artists Demi Riquísimo Manami Gallegos Gina Breeze Asa Tate Genre Tech House, Techno, Trance Release Date 16 Dec 2022 Cat No. SEMID014 Format 12
Various - SEMID005 (Vinyl) - Various - SEMID005 (Vinyl) - London’s very own groove master Demi Riquisimo brings forth 005 for his relentlessly class ‘Semi Delicious’ label. A various artist compilation with, alongside an absolute weapon from Demi himself, - Vinyl Record
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Various - SEMID010 - Various - SEMID010 - Artists Manami, Demi Riquismo, Manuel Darquart, Inner Zone Genre House, Tech House Release Date 22 April 2022 Cat No. SEMID010 Format 12

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