Adelle First - 'Don't Give Up' Vinyl - Artists Adelle First Genre Boogie, Disco Release Date 9 Sept 2022 Cat No. KALITA12020 Format 12" Vinyl - Kalita Records - Kalita Records - Kalita Records - Kalita Records - Vinyl Record

Adelle First - 'Don't Give Up' Vinyl

LABEL:   Kalita Records

ARTISTS: Adelle First
RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-09
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Boogie, Disco

Kalita are excited to announce the first ever official reissue of Adelle First’s highly sought-after 1986 12” South African boogie single 'Don’t Give Up'!

Originally privately released on infamous South African label Music Team’s imprint Solid Records, the single features both the shorter vocal version and devastating 9-minute long extended ‘Dub Mix’, a true testament to the genius of producer Tom Mkhize.

Having recently rocketed in demand, fuelled by equal measures of quality and scarcity, and with original copies now selling for over £200 on the second-hand market, Kalita now offer this masterpiece to the world once more, sourced from the original analogue master tapes.

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