Anish Kumar - Bollywood Super Hits! - Artists Anish Kumar Genre Disco, Edits Release Date 20 Jan 2023 Cat No. AK001 Format 12" Vinyl - Anish Kumar - Anish Kumar - Anish Kumar - Anish Kumar - Vinyl Record

Anish Kumar - Bollywood Super Hits!

LABEL:   Anish Kumar

ARTISTS: Anish Kumar
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House, Disco, Edits

Anish Kumar shares “Bollywood Super Hits!”, a five-track compendium of pulsating Bollywood turned house-and-disco cuts that have been turbo-charging Kumar’s recent DJ sets.  

The introductory “Asha” bursts open the doors to the project with thumping four-to-the-floor rhythms and the saunter of sampled electric guitar melodies. Followed swiftly by “Sadhana”, a stomping, effervescent jaunt that’s received widespread club-support from the likes of industry stalwarts Daphni and Four Tet. “Nazia” is delightfully percussive and steeped in analog warmth, a soon-to-be disco anthem that yearns for peak time warehouse usage. The penultimate track, “Ananda”, is laced with wandering basslines and hair-raising vocal sampling, leading steadily into the project's conclusory cut “Lata”. Nocturnal and pressurised, the final track rises like a crescendo of razor-sharp techno synthesis and sheer vocal prowess.  

“'Bollywood Super Hits!' is a compilation of 5 Bollywood flips I've been playing out in my sets. Classic Bollywood is a genre that holds great importance to me as I grew up listening to many of the hits from that era. It's been amazing to see faces in the crowd light up when they recognise, for instance, a hook from a track that is commonly played at Indian weddings, or the haunting vocal of an old Bollywood number in a new and fresh setting. I've had many people asking about these tracks so it brings me great joy to be able to put them out as a unit for everyone to enjoy” - Anish Kumar  

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