ASC - Quantum State - Artists ASC Genre Jungle, Drum & bass Release Date 28 Oct 2022 Cat No. SPTL006 Format 12" Semi-clear Red Vinyl - Spatial - Spatial - Spatial - Spatial - Vinyl Record

ASC - Quantum State

LABEL:   Spatial

RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-28
FORMAT: 12" Semi-clear Red Vinyl
STYLE: Jungle, Drum & bass

A good old fashioned amen banger opens up Quantum State, as Howling Winds takes it back to that classic break sliced and chopped expertly as you'd expect from ASC, with a solemn, almost mournful melodic backdrop.

A tense, moody vibe awaits you with Nectar, ominous pad work and Hot Pants breaks craft an uncomfortable, brooding atmosphere you won't forget.

Flashback lives up to its name with classic jungle break work and effects, taking you right back to the 90's with a purposeful yet sombre oceanic backdrop. Towards the back end of the track the mood shifts skyward somewhat as if reaching its goal. Delightful.

Minimal breaks punctuate Hindsight with spaced-out kicks and jittery cymbals, smooth pads and that classic deep 808 bass wind and weave through a relaxing sonic landscape.

Words by Chris Hayes (Red Mist/Spatial)

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