Frankie Bones - Bonebreaks Volume 16-2 - ArtistsFrankie Bones Genre Breakbeat, Breaks Release Date 24 December 2021 Cat No. MPD005 Format 12" Vinyl - Musique Pour La Danse - Vinyl Record

Frankie Bones - Bonebreaks Volume 16-2

LABEL:   Musique Pour La Danse

ARTISTS: Frankie Bones
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-24
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Breaks

Musique Pour La Danse welcomes celebrated Brooklyn DJ Frankie Bones and is thrilled to announce the release of 2 new exclusive vinyl EPs in the long lasting Bonesbreaks serie in collaboration with the artist own imprint Bangin Music.

Spinning records since the early 80’s, Frankie Bones imported Rave culture in the USA after he played Energy in UK in front of +25K. His Brooklyn Storm Raves and unique sound signature were the foundation of the rave movement in the whole United States of America. Frankie Bones had classic releases on Nu Groove, ESP-Sun, Logic, Rave Age, Underworld, Trax, XL, ran the successful Sonic Groove Records shop with brother Adam X aka Traversable Wormhole and Heather Heart and collaborated with Lenny Dee, Nico, Tommy Musto, Joey Beltram, KLF and the The Moody Boys to name a few.

The legendary Bonesbreaks serie started back in 1988 on Underworld Records and are elaborated irresistible sample-based tools for the working D.J.’s and reflects the artist deep love for dope breaks and dirty techno sounds. Eight most wanted classic cuts that will bring you back in time inside a sweaty hangar where fresh nasty stabs and acid hypnotic basslines are ruling the night forever.

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