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Gianni Brezzo -Tutto Passa

LABEL:   Jakarta Records

ARTISTS: Gianni Brezzo
RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-06
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Soul-Jazz

Cologne-based, multi-instrumentalist and creative jazz powerhouse Gianni Brezzo presents his full-length LP "Tutto Passa," arriving via Berlin's Jakarta Records May 5th.

Gianni Brezzo is the jazz affiliated band / studio project headed by Cologne-based producer & creative maestro Marvin Horsch, whose diverse musical profile is reflected both in his scene-hopping as well as his creative output. Besides producing cologne bands like Keshavara, Woman and Xul Zolar, Gianni has released a number of EP and LP's since 2017, culminating most recently with "The Awakening" EP in 2021 on Jakarta Records. While Gianni's works are usually instrumental only, "The Awakening" featured vocal appearances from Berlin/Tel Aviv based singer / producer J.Lamotta and soul singer Otis Junior from Louisville, Kentucky. Gianni's tracks have consistently placed on Editorial Lists including Spotify's "State Of Jazz" and "Café / Croissant", and most recently was synced in an episode of Gossip Girl for HBO US.

Gianni's new LP, "Tutto Passa" is a meditation around Marvin's relationship to Italian culture, accompanied by research into Italian composers of the 60's / 70's such as Piero Umiliani, Stelvio Cipriani, Piero Piccioni and Armando Trovajoli to more recent work by Sven Wunder. Sonically rich, the album rides a sonic wave similar to some Matthew Halsall, Surprise Chef, El Michels Affair and BadBadNotGood all rolled into one beautifully luscious work. Jakarta is ecstatic to share such a career-defining work, arriving May 6th, 2022.

The albums 1st single, "Il Sole" will be released Wednesday, March 2nd with the LP pre-order announcement that Friday, March 4th to capitalize on Bandcamp Friday. The track is a perfect sonic voyage that encapsulates the growth of Gianni's sound and gives a sonic peak into the LP. Subtle, yet lush layers of synths, horns, keys and strong, beat-driven percussion all ebb and flow together, bringing to mind the finest Library Themes of Umiliani, Sven Wunder, Janko Nilovic and others. Visualizer accompaniments for all singles provided by Robert Winter and his DIE OTTOS crew that perfectly captures the sonic mood.

The LP's 2nd single, "Capture This," will be released March 30th and is a splash of pure, groovy, jazz-funk. Instantly catchy, the track will have you imagining yourself in a movie that perfectly captures the musical themes: playful flutes, crisp, fluid guitar riffs, heart-pulling strings, all held together by a strong, swingin' drum groove.

The third single is the stunning, swirling, thematic track "Rising Of My Mind." Careful layers of harmonized brass, flutes, percussion ebb & flow, bubbling up to the acoustic surface like sonic ripples effortlessly bursting from Gianni's auditory palette. Only reaching the tracks full crescendo more than 2 minutes in, "Rising Of My Mind" is on that finest jazz tip, raising Gianni's musical caliber into the skies.

Focus track is the effortlessly smooth, soulful jazz-funk piece, "Torino." Certified fresh, the progression gives you that euphoric, elated feeling, like you're finally arrived at that special place you never knew existed, but were always meant to find.

"Tutto Passa" is a project with a variety of moods ranging from Arthur Verocai and David Axelrod inspired arrangements to lush, thematic jazz progressions with a swingin' percussive edge. It's a timeless release, one that would sit just as well in 1972 as it does in 2022, and one that, as Gianni says:

"…reflects exactly the feeling I had last year when I was in Italy with my own family. As a musician, I was looking for the challenge of a more orchestral approach on this album, which I hoped to achieve with my arsenal from the Cologne jazz scene and the support of musicians from around the world."

Besides online promotion from the label and artist profiles, the album will further be promoted by external agencies within the US, UK & Italy.

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