Jembaa Groove - Bassa Bassa - Artists Jembaa Groove Genre Afrobeat Release Date 16 Nov 2021 Cat No. AR150VL Format 7" Vinyl - Agogo Records - Agogo Records - Agogo Records - Agogo Records - Vinyl Record

Jembaa Groove - Bassa Bassa

LABEL:   Agogo Records

ARTISTS: Jembaa Groove
RELEASE DATE: 2021-11-16
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Afrobeat

Fresh Afro-Soul Music - Ghana's Highlife going by the heartbeat of 70s Soul Music.

Jembaa Groove is a multicultural band founded in late 2020 by bass player and composer Yannick Nolting, and singer-percussionist Eric Owusu. Speaking the same musical language, they quickly realized the fruitful outcome of their musical encounter and decided to spend a couple of months composing their original music. Digging deep into both their backgrounds and musical identities, they came up with an organic result both like to label as Afro-Soul. After seeking for the right companions for the upcoming journey and stumbling on a few of Berlin's finest musicians, they finally formed Jembaa Groove, a 7-piece band that combines fresh sounds from Berlin's underground music scene with traditional West-African sounds from Ghana and Mali, such as Highlife, Adowa and Wassoulou. Their aesthetic vision is inspired by soul music from the '60s and '70s and avoids overly-produced commercial arrangements while merging driving bass grooves and steady drum patterns with fresh horn lines and catchy melodies

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