Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland / Spaceland - Artists Joe Harvey-Whyte Style New Age, Ambient, Neo-Classical Release Date 1 Jan 2021 Cat No. NMR008 Format 10" Vinyl - None More Records - None More Records - None More Records - None More Records - Vinyl Record

Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland / Spaceland

LABEL:   None More Records

ARTISTS: Joe Harvey-Whyte
RELEASE DATE: 2021-01-01
FORMAT: 10" Vinyl
STYLE: New Age, Ambient, Neo-Classical

Flatland/Spaceland is the debut solo release from renowned pedal steel player, visual artist and composer Joe Harvey-Whyte, who has worked with the likes of Tony Visconti, The Hanging Stars and Susanne Sundfor. Flatland/Spaceland blurs the borderlines between ambient and neoclassical to create an engaging and meditative listening experience. The first side of the 2 track EP, titled Flatland is a glacial ambient creation made using pedal steel guitar processed through multiple effects together with field recordings and occasional revelatory sounds from Himalayan singing bowls. Spaceland, on side B, takes the composition and refracts it through an orchestral lens. A 26-piece ensemble delicately creep in to the calming world echoed by side A. As the piece develops the result is something more akin to a film soundtrack. Occupying the space between ambient and neoclassical, Flatland / Spaceland by Joe Harvey-Whyte invites us to take a step back from the busyness of our lives for 20 minutes and reflect.

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