Kyoto Jazz Massive - Get Up (Kaidi Tatham Remix) / This Feeling (Da Lata Remix) - Artists Kyoto Jazz Massive, Kaidi Tatham, Da Lata Genre Broken Beat, Nu-Jazz Release Date 24 Feb 2023 Cat No. HR12S029 Format 12" Vinyl - HMV Japan - Vinyl Record

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Get Up (Kaidi Tatham Remix) / This Feeling (Da Lata Remix)

LABEL:   HMV Japan

ARTISTS: Kyoto Jazz Massive, Kaidi Tatham, Da Lata
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-17
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Broken Beat, Nu-Jazz

Kyoto Jazz Massive's first album in 19 years, the single cut is a super powerful double cider that combines a remix by Kaidi Tatham and Da Lata!]

The single cut from Kyoto Jazz Massive's new album "Message From A New Dawn", which broke the silence of 19 years in December 2021, is a remix by two groups who are also allies of KJM, Kaidi Tatham and Da Lata. Recording. Side A is Kaidi Tatham's remix of "Get UP" featuring Roy Ayers. Reborn by a keyboard work. The match between the uplifting chorus and jersey futuristic sound is impressive. It is no exaggeration to say that Kyoto Jazz Massive and Kaidi Tatham, both heavily influenced by Fujo and using Fender Rose as their trademark, are an ideal combination.

Side B is a remix by This Feeling's DA LATA! KJM's first Da Lata Remix, realized at the enthusiastic request of Yoshihiro Okino, turns KJM's urban boogie tune into a wonderful Brazilian groove! DA LATA's rearranging with all his might, which continues to be a constant activity with covers of famous songs and new releases from labels, is superb. The colorful and timeless trance form that KJM fans have been waiting for will make the floor rock violently. Both are super strong double cider discs that are coupled with songs that are already being talked about by top overseas DJs!


Side A1. Get Up(Kaidi Tatham Remix) A2. Get Up(Kaidi Tatham Remix Instrumental)

Side B1. This Feeling (Da Lata Remix) A2. This Feeling (Da Lata Remix Instrumental)

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