Law & Auder - 'Feel It / Acid Jungle' Vinyl - Artists Law & Auder Genre Jungle, Hardcore Release Date 4 Nov 2022 Cat No. VFS049 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Record

Law & Auder - 'Feel It / Acid Jungle' Vinyl

LABEL:   Vinyl Fanatiks

ARTISTS: Law & Auder
RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-04
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jungle, Hardcore

Vinyl only, no digital.

Straight out of the depths of East London, Hoxton Square to be precise. A location before gentrification, the area around Old Street in 1995 was full of young artists, musicians and record labels. Law & Auder were one of those bands, with a studio in the next road to the legendary Blue Note club. This is where these two tracks were created, two cuts that encapsulate the raw sound of the London jungle scene at this time.

This particular 12” is a bit of a cult release, with prices on Discogs for an original copy at a VG+ rating going for a £150 a copy, that’s if you can ever find one.

This is the second release from the group that we have repressed ON Vinyl Fanatiks, with Martin from the group also being a part of Utomica, another group that we repressed a few years ago.

Straight from the East London vaults.

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