Lex & Locke - 7 Day Path - Artists Lex & Locke Genre Deep House Release Date 1 April 2022 Cat No. DOG87 Format 12" Vinyl - Delusions Of Grandeur - Delusions Of Grandeur - Delusions Of Grandeur - Delusions Of Grandeur - Vinyl Record

Lex & Locke - 7 Day Path

LABEL:   Delusions Of Grandeur

ARTISTS: Lex & Locke
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House

Lex first grabbed our attention following his brilliant release on B2 Recordings which became a staple vibe setter in Jimpster’s DJ sets and Sofa Sessions streams in 2021. Gaining his deep musical knowledge through his own revered record store Radical Soundz, the Greek DJ and producer has been immersed in dance music for over 20 years and considered one of the key figures in the Athens underground house scene. With releases and remixes on labels such as Leng, Samosa, King Street and Black Riot, Lex is making waves internationally with a unique sound that fuses live elements and expansive arrangements taking influence from masters such as Ron Trent but adding a warm, cosmic glow. Fellow Greek artist Locke joins pro- ceedings for this EP bringing his own psychedelic sound garnered from his years playing crazy events taking in South American jungle parties, burning hot African desert raves, the underground clubs of Berlin to the sparkling coastal shores of Baja California. Locke is more than just a DJ. He is a connector, educator and traveler whose soulful music has the crowds chasing the sun as he brings love and celebra- tion to the events he plays.

On title track 7 Day Path we’re treated to a beautiful spacious jam which unfolds across 7 minutes, driving, live percussion keeping the energy high whilst Herbie- esque synth leads help to create a beautifully paced and dynamic arrangement.

Next up we have Italian legend DJ Rocca onboard for a remix of 7 Day Path. The prolific producer and DJ has been a tour de force since the late 90’s collaborating with the likes of Howie B, Dimitri From Paris, Chris Coco, Daniele Baldelli and Jazzanova producing singles, remixes and albums for labels such as Sonar Kollekt- iv, Compost, Classic, Rekids, Futureboogie, !K7, Tirk, International Feel, Defected, Rotters Golf Club and Faze Action Recordings. Here he adds his trademark dubby disco wiggle pushing the original in a jazzy direction with live flute. Definitely one to be heard under the stars on a Croatian beach for maximum Adriatica effect!

Flipping over, things head deeper and darker with See No Ball featuring Locomot- ives, a more straight-up heads-down stripped back club jam with a repeated vocal, funky guitar chops and a smattering of improvised synth and Hammond B3 keeping things jazzy and musical.

Closing out this brilliant EP we have Catch Up With The Sun which drops the BPM’s for a low-slung cosmic jam loaded with good vibes.

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