Martin Georgi - 'Motor City Damage' Vinyl - Artists Martin Georgi Genre Tech House, Minimal Release Date 25 Nov 2022 Cat No. NMD038 Format 12" Vinyl - Nomada Records - Nomada Records - Nomada Records - Nomada Records - Vinyl Record

Martin Georgi - 'Motor City Damage' Vinyl

LABEL:   Nomada Records

ARTISTS: Martin Georgi
RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House, Minimal

Nomada Records has shown several times that they have a good sense for fresh talents. This time the label spotted the sample-based producer Martin Georgi (quietelegance, OYE Black, Seismographic Records).

He has already popped up in the deep house scene a few years ago, as Delfonic kissed the artist from his slumber by releasing tracks of him which originally were produced on vinyl back in 2008. So, no wonder that on the flipside of the new release, a contribution by Delfonic can be found. It is a live session, originally penned by Georgi and pursuing the idea of bizarre mash-up. In addition, on the B-side you will find another interesting name which can be interpreted as an “alias” of Martin Georgi himself.

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