Mary Mundy - Love Me, Love Me - Artists Mary Mundy, Patchouli Brothers Genre Disco, Edits Release Date February 25, 2022 Cat No. DOD01 Format 12" Vinyl - Dodo Records - Dodo Records - Dodo Records - Dodo Records - Vinyl Record

Mary Mundy - Love Me, Love Me

LABEL:   Dodo Records

ARTISTS: Mary Mundy, Patchouli Brothers
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-18
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Edits

Introducing Dodo Records, the freshly minted, long awaited new label and place for projects from Toronto's Patchouli Brothers.

The Brothers are no strangers to the music game. Throughout their illustrious DJ and production careers they've released music on G.A.M.M., Basic Fingers, Moton Records and more, as well as remixing artists on Defected and Soul Clap. For the record, Dodo is not exclusively an edits label, but coincidentally, the first release does in fact boast two amazing new edits. The perfect way to start this new venture...

For the inaugural release we are treated to the super soulful, underground disco stylings of Dr. Mary Mundy, an artist whose catalogue is extremely rare. The Patchouli Brothers originally reached out and connected with Dr. Mundy and had a few lovely phone calls with her. They had, of course, been playing her music at parties for years in their DJ sets and originally the plan was to ask about releasing her disco cut 'Love Me Love Me'. The Brothers had edited the track and had been rocking their own personal version at parties and it always went down so well with the dancefloor, thus making them determined to one day track down Dr. Mundy and get her blessing to introduce the track to a wider audience. During these special interactions, she also revealed that her favourite track was in fact 'Love Is Gone' from 1982, the self penned 12" B-side of yet another impossibly rare record from her. This revelation led to the eventual reworking and re-release of both songs you find here on this first Dodo release.

Alongside a busy career as a university professor, Dr. Mundy continues to sing today, cutting only one mythical album in 1980 entitled 'Mother Nature', an ultra rare and collectible LP that today commands eye watering prices. A truly unique showcase of underground disco / soul / r&b.

The Patchouli brothers are honoured to work with her directly on this project and her seal of approval was put on both edits, which she hopes to hear on many dance floors in the future to come!

100% legit, licensed and fresh. Mastered by Optimum Mastering, Bristol UK. Manufacture and worldwide distribution by Above Board distribution 2022.

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