New Members - 'Cruiser Blade' Vinyl - Artists New Members Genre Tech House, Deep House Release Date 1 Apr 2022 Cat No. DREAM VI Format 12" Vinyl - Dreamers - Vinyl Record

New Members - 'Cruiser Blade' Vinyl

LABEL:   Dreamers

ARTISTS: New Members
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House, Deep House

Media Condition: Near Mint

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint

Dreamers are making tech house cool again, ensuring pure depth and feel is tucked under every driving beat and machinic hat that gets chucked their way. Judging by this 'New Members' EP, theirs is a demo inbox that is certainly more neck-craningly curated than most: leading te charge following three former EPs, 'Sunsoul' recalls old-skool SanFran vibth or Sol Brothers' speed garage, as strange tweaks and wobbles dance across a held chord and wonky nu-trance beat. Broken slappage weaves its way through on EVH's cut-up dub of 'Honesty', while firm kicks and claps get continually top-notch plantage on 'Dawn Memory' and 'Jazzcore'.

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