Omni A.M. - Bunker Scraper - Artists Omni A.M. Genre Tech House, Reissue Release Date 1 Nov 2022 Cat No. AHH00821 Format 12" Vinyl - Euphoria Records - Vinyl Record

Omni A.M. - Bunker Scraper

LABEL:   Euphoria Records

RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House, Reissue

American tech-house pioneers Omni AM and techno don Casey Hogan gave birth to Bunker Scraper in a clandestine recording session in a NYC basement studio deep underground. These now-infamous studio sessions were fueled by keg stands, mountains of pre-legal weed, and intensive striped bass fishing expeditions in the world-renowned Long Island Sound (not a micro-genre). Facilitated by legendary DJ/Producer Alexi Delano and NYC label/Record Store Sonic Groove, this highly anticipated collaboration was originally released in 1997 to much dancefloor and critical acclaim, and grew to legendary status in the following years.

Bunker Scraper (Omni A.M. Mix) opens proceedings, tight, infectious percussion underpins a deep rich b-line, while eerie synths interplay over the top, it's no wonder this track has become a staple in the sets of Villalobos and Raresh over the decades. Next up, 'In My Time of Flying' was a staple of Omni AM’s early post-Key live performances, swinging percussion, heavy bass and an addictive chanted vocal reflects the duo’s departure from ambient techno and shift towards more dj-friendly four-on-floor grooves. Written in Chicago (1996 or 97), it was performed and recorded live, straight to DAT, outdoors in the forests of Northern Michigan – all in one take, no edits, no overdubs. This bold production style was typical of Omni AM who began life as a live PA.
Over on the flip Casey Hogan's mix of Bunker Scraper picks up the pace with rolling bass shaking percussion, whilst retaining many of the original's parts and character.
Lastly this gem of an ep has been further enhanced by the inclusion of additional, never released before versions, most notably 'In My Time of Flying' (Live at 1998), another special live jam, recorded at an unforgettable Winter rave that takes the track into whole new otherworldly dimension.

These super rare live tracks give an insight into Omni AM's unique performance and recording process in the early days, and all have been remastered with love by Lawrie at Curve Pusher.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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