Purple Disco Machine - Dished (Male Stripper) - Artists Purple Disco Machine Genre Nu-Disco, Disco House Release Date 1 Jan 2018 Cat No. CLUBSWE003V Format 12" Single-sided Vinyl - Club Sweat - Club Sweat - Club Sweat - Club Sweat - Vinyl Record

Purple Disco Machine - Dished (Male Stripper)

LABEL:   Club Sweat

ARTISTS: Purple Disco Machine
RELEASE DATE: 2018-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Single-sided Vinyl
STYLE: Nu-Disco, Disco House

Backing it up can mean so many things. According to the urban dictionary, it means to carry on drinking the next day in spite of a rather large one the night before. According to Apple, it means to take your I-phone and attach it to an I-pad or Apple Mac - and copy the information to the cloud. Or the device. But in music.....what we mean is basically this....."Damn......that was a big hit......how the hell are they going to emulate that success on the next one." And it's hard for so many reasons. Was it luck? Timing? That one in a million sample? With all the pressure, soon the artist can start second guessing themselves........and that's when backing it up becomes a real problem. But not for our boy PURPLE DISCO MACHINE. If BODY FUNK, his last outing on CLUB SWEAT, wasn't one of THE biggest songs of last year, from Ibiza to Miami and back again.....played by every single DJ under the sun, from BLACK MADONNA to JAMIE JONES to your mama......then I'm not sitting at my lap top writing this shpeel....which I'm very sure I am. AND I'm going to back myself (see what I did there) - and say that DISHED (MALE STRIPPER) is the best way to back up a hit ever. With another hit. Doesn't sound the same....doesn't worry about what the last one did...just does what it does.....which to be honest - is GO OFF!!!! It builds and builds and builds and...... In the same way that BODY FUNK masterly made the sum of 2 disco songs bigger than their parts had ever been, this time PDM takes some Italo Disco from MAN TO MAN MEET MAN PARRISH's MALE STRIPPER and mashes it with the aptly named ELLIS D's DISHAPELLA to create a 12/10. Back it up PDM - you are a legend!!!!

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