Roma Zuckerman - Stage Of Loyalty [2xLP] (NM Sleeves) - Vinyl Record

Roma Zuckerman - Stage Of Loyalty [2xLP] (NM Sleeves)

LABEL:   Trip

Roma Zuckerman is in fact the trippiest artist on the label and he is back with a new solo release 'stage of loyalty'. Nobody ever knows what is on his mind when recording his next 13 minute long composition at home in Krasnoyarsk but his signature slow mo murkiness and Roma-like mental groove are unmistakable. 'Stage of loyalty' does just that but also contains minimalist techno tracks and a wonderful italo-esque sounding anthem ,,I like you" that could easily soundtrack a movie where everything is going to be just alright! Artwork by Daria Galeeva.

Vinyl, 2x12", Album, NM Sleeves

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