Shore Break - Endless Shore - Artists Shore Break Genre City Pop, AOR, Reissue Release Date 24 Jun2022 Cat No. NJS757 Format 12" Vinyl - Victor Entertainment - Victor Entertainment - Victor Entertainment - Victor Entertainment - Vinyl Record

Shore Break - Endless Shore

LABEL:   Victor Entertainment

ARTISTS: Shore Break
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-24
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: City Pop, AOR, Reissue

The album "ENDLESS SHORE" known to those in the know that the band "Shore Break", which is active mainly in the Tokai area and has won awards at Popcon, produced independently in 1982 and was pressed only in a very small amount for distribution to related parties. .. Due to its overwhelming rarity, it is a gem that has never been on the market, but the finest songs spun with high playing power and glossy vocals are sure to marvel if you are a fan of City Pop-Fusion. none. This is the long-awaited LP reissue, following the 7-inch that sold out in various places and attracted a lot of attention. Supervised by DJ Notoya (Tokyo Condition) and remastered by 8ronix (bullpen lab.).

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