Ulla Straus - 'Big Room' Vinyl - Artists Ulla Straus Genre Ambient Release Date 10 Jun 2022 Cat No. QTT13 Format 12" Vinyl - Quiet Time Tapes - Quiet Time Tapes - Quiet Time Tapes - Quiet Time Tapes - Vinyl Record

Ulla Straus - 'Big Room' Vinyl

LABEL:   Quiet Time Tapes

ARTISTS: Ulla Straus
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Ambient

Ulla’s productions reveal a discerning process of stripping tracks to their essence, letting space, silence, simplicity and repetition be her guide. They lend a magic touch to a difficult and minimal style of music, creating an album that is comforting and tranquil, yet hypnotizing and transportive. Most evidently, UIla’s music is inspired, by emotions and experiences unknown to us, but perhaps best represented in her own words:

“keeping pictures on a wall left there by someone else.

day dreaming about something not real.

hearing a friend walk through the front door.

letting a plant die.

the silence of a room when the box fan is turned off."

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