Various - 'Eastern European Cut-Outs Vol 3' Vinyl - Artists The Re-Magic Trick Schmoltz Kompleks Dyyune Boryn Genre Disco Edits, Wave Release Date 5 Aug 2022 Cat No. EECO003 Format 12" Vinyl - The Very Polish Cut-Outs - The Very Polish Cut-Outs - The Very - Vinyl Record

Various - 'Eastern European Cut-Outs Vol 3' Vinyl

LABEL:   The Very Polish Cut-Outs

ARTISTS: The Re-Magic Trick, Schmoltz, Kompleks, Dyyune, Boryn
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-08
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco Edits, Wave

The Eastern European Cut Outs - the spin-off series of The Very Polish Cut Outs - continues to excavate those hidden gems from all parts East...

As always the selection is as varied as it is exceptional.

From a Hungarian Disco banger, to a Soviet New Wave workout via an absolute smash of a symphonic Serbian Gypsy Disco-Not-Disco jam to a mesmerising Czechoslovakian accidental Space-Disco delight... It's another secret knowledge sureshot for the seekers.

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