Various - New Flava Vol 1 - Artists Various Genre Neo-Soul, Gospel Release Date 24 December 2021 Cat No. NBNANFV1 Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - NBN Archives - NBN Archives - NBN Archives - NBN Archives - Vinyl Record

Various - New Flava Vol 1

LABEL:   NBN Archives

ARTISTS: Various
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-28
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Neo-Soul, Gospel

New Flava Volume 1 is an audacious project birthed in Austin Aggrey-Odoom's brain in the Spring of 1995. Austin, being a devoted Christian as well as a massive music fan, was a regular at different churches across the London Area during the mid-90's. He then connected with many young aspiring Gospel/Soul/R&B singers and had the idea to produce a Gospel album that could appeal to a younger crowd, mixing US R&B influences, to create a new kind of Christian R&B that could have radio potential, while showcasing U.K.'s underground Soul talents from the Gospel community. His love of God and passion for music would finally merge into this hybrid compilation project called New Flava Volume 1.

With the help of producer Paul Cumberbatch, they recorded a selection of the finest voices that Austin could find amongst the Gospel circuit. Inspired by popular US R&B/Hip-Hop artists of that time, they aimed to recreate a heavy and well-polished sound that would resonate with the fans of Mary J. Blige, Joe and SWV amongst others. The result is quite mind-blowing, Cumberbatch's top-notch productions make a strong foundation to let the artists shine throughout the compilation.

The U.K. has always been a great hunting ground for Soul talents, and this compilation is yet another example of it. Now for the first time on 2LP, New Flava Volume One is a must-have for any 90's R&B collectors !

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