Various - 'This is Funkiwala' Vinyl - Artists Various Genre World Fusion, Latin, Jazz Release Date 2 Sept 2022 Cat No. FWLP010 Format 12" Vinyl - Funkiwala - Funkiwala - Funkiwala - Funkiwala - Vinyl Record

Various - 'This is Funkiwala' Vinyl

LABEL:   Funkiwala

ARTISTS: Various
RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-02
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: World Fusion, Latin, Jazz

Presenting a brand new vinyl compilation featuring artists from the electic Funkiwala label – from Brasillian Afrobeat to Bengali Funk to Indo-Cuban-Nigerian Jazz to European Jazz Soul to traditional Baul Myticism - 3 newly released tracks by Phil Dawson, Cubafrobeat and Lokkhi Terra, with other tracks previously released digitally or on CD only - "if further proof were needed that London is a hotbed of cross-culturally inspired expression, it's new record label Funkiwala"Evening Standard.

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