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Versalife - Vortices EP

LABEL:   Shipwrec

Boris Bunnik is no stranger here at Shipwrec, having graced the label with some beautifully deep and textured music under his Conforce, Hexagon and Versalife monikers. It is to his Versalife guise that the Rotterdam based producer returns, this time for a quartet of works in the shape of Vortices. The cranking clank and grunt of the factory introduces "Amber Molecular Profile", a piece that combines the warmth of electronica with the chill of electro. The distant tones of "Adept" follow. Carved in the void of space, Bunnik moulds glimmering notes and distant echo into a track that is both absorbing and stark. Acid reverberations and rasping rhythms give rise to sweet and sailing synthlines in the celestial title piece before a cold wind sweeps through in the shapeshifting form of "Chimaera." A spectrum of musical radiance from a modern day master.

Vinyl, 12”, EP

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