Voiron - 'Voironzinor' Vinyl - Artists Voiron Genre Breakbeat, Electro, Acid Release Date 11 Nov 2022 Cat No. CKNOWEP7 Format 12" Vinyl - Craigie Knowes - Craigie Knowes - Craigie Knowes - Craigie Knowes - Vinyl Record

Voiron - 'Voironzinor' Vinyl

LABEL:   Craigie Knowes

RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-11
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Electro, Acid

Parisian underground cult-figurehead Voiron is next up on Glasgow's Craigie Knowes. The 4 track Voironzinor EP strikes with a ferocious blend of Acid, Rave and Hardcore sounds with that signature Voiron dusting of Gabber-esque roughness. Those with knowledge of 1980's French rave culture will catch the nod in the EP title too. A record of true heavy hitters.

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