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'Music They Love'... we ask DJ's and producers to delve into their collection and put together a selection of records that have meant a lot to them in the past, as well as the present. All things inspirational and influential - the records which have shaped their sound as a producer or selection as a DJ.

This week we're joined by the A class beat-maker Admin. He is known for taking inspiration in his productions from his record collection and today he gets to show off his records even further, in a wicked all-vinyl mix for us. Here's what he had to say about the mix:

"So this one is an all vinyl mix that went in a late night power Disco direction. I love Disco of an underground flavour and am heavily influenced by the styles of Ron Hardy and other amazing more current Chicago DJs. This is a kind of tribute to that sound and a gathering of 12 inch records that bring a crazy vibe for dancers. I've tried to harness the energy of being able to return to playing in the club for this... buckle up...!

Expect edit weapons, extended disco mixes, Italo heaters, jazz funk madness, electric gospel and psychedelic dance floor treasures."

Mix Music They Love

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