Scrimshire // Music They Love #1

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Big thanks to Scrimshire for featuring in our first ever guest mix!

Here's what he has to tell us about his mix:

"I've picked a lot more current stuff for this mix - although there are some classic Wah Wah favourites thrown in like the opening track by Foxy which Dom Servini gave to me many moons ago. There are a fair few bits I've got through Cold Cuts, it seemed like the right thing to do. And I've put one or two of my own edits in for good measure. I found you guys through the Harvey Sutherland release (tipped off to it and you, in fact, by Dave Koor), so that had to go in and we've finished off with something that's been a bit of a smasher for me this summer, my re-edit of Soul II Soul. Hope you enjoy it."

Mix Music They Love

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