Filippini - Listen To Your Heart - Vinyl Record

Filippini - Listen To Your Heart

LABEL:   Thank You Records

ARTISTS: Filippini
RELEASE DATE: 2024-05-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Italo-Disco

This EP could arguably be the peak expression of Filippini's, (aka Enrico “Big City” Filippini) career in Italo-Disco. Without doubt a more polished pinnacle within the genre, elegantly and efficiently conceived, with less grammar mistakes than many of its contemporaries. Downtempo paced in the low 100's, Enrico takes his time with the nostalgic lyrics in confident efforts of mending some questionable past romantic affairs. A production with melancholic nuances that would very deservingly find its place in a mix by the late visionary DJ Zecky for example. The kind of track that could be played 3 times in a row before offending anyone, very digestible to the ear, a delightful pleasure for the less sober soul, to be served with cocktails and high SPF sunscreen, just cruising along.

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