Hassan Abou Alam - Fasla - Artists Hassan Abou Alam Genre Bass Release Date April 1, 2022 Cat No. BP020 Format 12" Vinyl - Banoffee Pies - Banoffee Pies - Banoffee Pies - Banoffee Pies - Vinyl Record

Hassan Abou Alam - Fasla

LABEL:   Banoffee Pies

ARTISTS: Hassan Abou Alam
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl

Banoffee Pies Records, in its eighth year of operating, hit the 20th release milestone in their Original Series. Joining the roster, Cairo based producer Hassan Abou Alam steps up with a 4 track solo EP entitled "Fasla".

A decisive selection of attitude packed wormhole bass lines and dark basement jams.

The A side was produced in a special collaboration with local artist SHBL-LBSH who's vocal works feature across "Kesibt" + "Fasla". The B side delivers a series of sharp and cutting synth lines in "Mawkif" and breakneck low end rumbles in "Hanshoof".After a series of works on the likes of Naive, Not For Profit and Rhythm Section, Hassan fittingly joins the Berlin based, Bristol born label with more boundless sounds that slice through the fabric of styles that BPR have fostered since inception. Tailored club music fromone of Egypts new wave of producers.Hold your hats and check your Bassbins. BPR. X

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