Alex Puddu - Pullover Grigio / Texas Blonde - Artists Alex Puddu Style Funk, AOR, Italian pop, Boogie Release Date 19 Apr 2024 Cat No. ALDENTE023S1 Format 7" Vinyl - Al Dente - Al Dente - Al Dente - Al Dente - Vinyl Record

Alex Puddu - Pullover Grigio / Texas Blonde

LABEL:   Al Dente

ARTISTS: Alex Puddu
RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-19
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Funk, AOR, Italian pop, Boogie

Polistrumentalist, composer and producer Alex Puddu (Al Dente/Schema Records), also known for his collaborations with Edda Dell'Orso (Maestro Morricone's legendary vocalist,) Joe Bataan, Lonnie Jordan from L.A funk band War, and Gene Robinson Jr of Breakwater, and who boasts a solo discography of 17 albums, including the three original volumes of the red light soundtracks of Danish films" The Golden Age Of Danish xxxography. He debuts for the first time with a new double single sang in Italian language, with two tracks "Pullover Grigio" and Texas Blonde", proposing a new sound that draws us into the Italian funk pop music of the late 70s and early 80s and into the pop/indie melodies of the new Italian scene, up to electronic sounds (as Calcutta, Fulminacci, Fra Quintale, Marco Castello and Nu Genea have done), between soul and disco, which are part of Alex Puddu's unmistakable production style. Don’t Miss It!

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