Brutal Force - Dreams For Sale - Vinyl Record

Brutal Force - Dreams For Sale

LABEL:   Celestial Echo

ARTISTS: Brutal Force
RELEASE DATE: 2024-05-17
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Funk, Soul

Celestial Echo is thrilled to introduce the reissue of Brutal Force's revered classic, 'Dreams For Sale.' Originally released, this soulful gem has maintained its status as a sought-after treasure by DJs and electronic music enthusiasts for years. A favourite of Floating Points, Jeremy Underground and Frederika With original copies becoming more and more elusive, and only released on poor quality styrene, the decision to reissue this soulful gem was an easy one. Celestial Echo proudly presents the re- issue on a limited edition 7-inch vinyl re- cord, remastered and pressed on heavyweight vinyl for an authentic ana- log experience. This exclusive release is adorned with a striking picture sleeve and redesigned labels, adding a con- temporary touch to this soulful master- piece. CER001 gained huge support from DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Craig Charles and Ross Allen, with more to be expected as the label grows.

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