Dave Angel - Original Man Artists Dave Angel Genre Deep Techno, Reissue Release Date 31 Mar 2023 Cat No. SoHaSo036 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Dave Angel - Original Man

LABEL:   Something Happening Somewhere

ARTISTS: Dave Angel
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-31
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Deep Techno, Reissue

The primer of techno was barely dry or England already had its own variant of the genre: UK techno. Original Man by British producer Dave Angel is perhaps the perfect example of what that variant sounded like, back then. If only you knew where to find it. The single was released in 1993 on a record label that has long since ceased to exist. Fortunately, Utrecht-based record label SoHaSo made this transverse techno-soul classic available again, in a punchy remaster. With its juxtaposed rhythm programming and orchestral arrangements, Original Man still lives up to its title, even if it is 30 years later. On the flip you'll find Quarter Pounder. With its nervous hi-hats and high paced rhythms, this seems like the perfect soundtrack for a highway chase between two roadhouses. As a bonus, SoHaSo has supplemented the vinyl version of this EP with a rare Dave Angel track which also was released back in 1993 on French dance label FNAC. It's called 4th Symphony and ticks all the right techno boxes: strings, hihats and a melancholic melody. If you wanna learn more about UK techno, you might as well start with this wonderful re-release.

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