L'Osmose - Maggiore 800 - Artists L'Osmose Style Psychedelic, Leftfield, Afrobeat Release Date 12 Apr 2024 Cat No. SPR00004 Format 12" Vinyl - Stone Pixels - Stone Pixels - Stone Pixels - Stone Pixels - Vinyl Record

L'Osmose - Maggiore 800

LABEL:   Stone Pixels

RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-19
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Psychedelic, Leftfield, Afrobeat

In 2020, L'Osmose began its artistic collaboration by combining 70's psychedelia with catchy rhythms. Blending auto-tune, electric guitars, percussion, and analog synthesizers, their music is a reflection of their incessant experimentation and their desire to explore new sonic avenues. After several radio appearances (couleur3, Worldwide FM, Radiovostok), and opening acts for international artists (Chilla, Yin-yin, OBF, old Farka Touré, Arp Frique), the Geneva sextet has built a certain reputation within the Swiss cultural scene. Spotted by L'Éclair in 2022, the group continues its rise by recording, with their help, a promising first album which they will sign on the Stone Pixels Records label. While waiting for the release of this project, immerse yourself in the raw, sincere and captivating energy that their performances emit.

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