Mall Grab - 'What I Breathe' Yellow Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Mall Grab - 'What I Breathe' Yellow Vinyl

LABEL:   Looking For Trouble

ARTISTS: Mall Grab
RELEASE DATE: 2022-08-02
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Techno, Rave

What I Breathe is the debut album from Mall Grab AKA Jordon Alexander. The Australia-born London- based powerhouse reaches within to create the most comprehensive demonstration of his style to date – loudly defining the raw energy that has become synonymous with the moniker.

“This album is deeply personal and an exploration of all influences, sounds and sides of the Mall Grab project. It follows my journey of the last 6 years from a university dropout in Newcastle (Australia), making music as a source of happiness and expression.”

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