Revivis - Surrender The Body EP - Vinyl Record

Revivis - Surrender The Body EP

LABEL:   Semi Delicious

ARTISTS: Revivis
RELEASE DATE: 2024-06-21
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Italo House, Progressive

Demi Riquisimo’s Semi Delicious return for their 18th vinyl only excursion via Berlin based Revivis’ ‘Surrender The Body’ EP. A dance floor focused 4 tracker, the EP is a distillation of the sonic palette quickly becoming synonymous with the sound of Revivis, nodding to the past whilst looking to the future, all through the lens of timeless house fundamentals. The release kicks off with ‘Pick Me Up’, a diva vocal affected chugger that leans on the 90s progressive aesthetic whilst remaining versatile and current. The A-side wraps up with the title track ‘Surrender The Body’. A minimal fuss, hands in the air, euphoric piano house jam that can be noted for it’s subtlety despite it’s anthemic nature. No foreplay on the flip as we’re straight into the mixer via ’Perceptions’. A sample heavy four/four beat combines with a bass line that implores your head to nod along a menacing top line.. big peak time business on this one. Closing out a wildy impressive Semi Delicious debut from Revivis is ‘Ruminating’ bringing with it a healthy helping of gospel keys and acid.

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