Lazer Worshippers - Lazer Worshippers Theme - Artists Lazer Worshippers Genre Techno, Rave Release Date 1 Jan 2023 Cat No. MVV004 Format 12" Vinyl - Experimental Records - Vinyl Record

Lazer Worshippers - Lazer Worshippers Theme

LABEL:   Experimental Records

ARTISTS: Lazer Worshippers
RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Techno, Rave

An absolute timeless classic from a golden era of greatness, Lazer Worshippers - Lazer Worshippers Theme is one of those gems that has transcended generations, with a demand and price tag for the original that sees it trade hands for £100+. Produced in 1993 by Damon Wild and Tim Taylor it was first released on NY’s pioneering EX or Experimental Records, yet this is the first vinyl reissue since its original release. This unique 12 Inch contains all three versions of the title track compiled from 2 separate EX releases - EX-03 and EX-19.

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