Black So Man - Tout Le Monde Et Personne - Artists Black So Man Genre Folk, African, Reissue Release Date 9 Dec 2021 Cat No. SEC012 Format 12" Vinyl - Secousse - Secousse - Secousse - Secousse - Vinyl Record

Black So Man - Tout Le Monde Et Personne

LABEL:   Secousse

ARTISTS: Black So Man
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-09
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Folk, African, Reissue

Black So Man. For Black Is Also Man. Tout Le Monde Et Personne. He blames ‘Everybody and No one’.

Clealry, Bingotoma Traore was not trying to get rich, or entertain: he wanted to change the world. And all it took to get there was four cassettes, all recorded between 1994 et 1998. In that time he went from extreme poverty, sellings eggs in the streets and killing pigs at the factory, to being the biggest pop star in his native country, Burkina Faso, and a legend all over Western Africa.

Corruption, ill governance, education, colonisation... All his songs were history and philosophical lessons for the ghetto youths, the unemployed, and the many people who could identify themselves with him.

He died 20 years ago, mortally wounded after going through a car crash. Today, his videos still ranks millions of views on social network. No one has forgotten him. And his fight is more relevant than ever.

Rest In Power Black So Man (1967-2002). Thank you to his son Ange Fela Traore and his ex-wife Adji Sanon (to whom he dedicated the song ‘Adji’ included here) for their trust in us leading this reissue project. Half of the profits from the record goes to them.

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