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If my order hasn't shipped yet due to waiting on a pre-order, can I still add items to my order?

Yes, if there is a pre-order item in your order and it hasn't been shipped yet, we can still add or swap items in your order. But please read the terms & conditions below (they're very short and precise!):


1. HOW?

CONTACT US Just drop us a message via our online chat at the bottom right of your screen, letting us know which items you'd like to add or swap in your order. They can be either the name of the record or a link to their pages.

COMPLETE PAYMENT An email will then be forwarded to you containing a link where you can complete the purchase and add that item to your existing order. As soon as that payment is completed, your item will be added.

PLEASE NOTE If you do not complete payment for that addition, your order will not be shipped until payment has been completed.



180 DAYS OLD If your existing order is older than 180 days, you will no longer be able to add items to your order. You will have to make a new order.

FREE & DISCOUNT SHIPPING OFFERS EXEMPT If your initial order did not qualify for our free or discounted shipping offers, it cannot qualify after adding items to your order. Please note, additional delivery fees will apply when adding items to your order.

EU CUSTOMERS If your order is under £120, you will only be able to add items up to £120 (this excludes delivery fees and tax, it's just the total cost of your items). For example, if your order is £80, you can add £40 more worth of items. If the initial order you make is worth over £125, you can add as many items as you like to your order. This is due to the new custom tax rules in the EU. We collect tax on orders under £125. The £120 limit is to create a buffer to currency fluctuations.

SWAP PRE-ORDER ITEM/S FOR IN STOCK ITEM/S If pre-order item/s are delaying your order from being shipped, you can swap them out for stock item/s. Just contact us, and if there is no price difference we can swap them and ship. If there is an additional cost we will invoice you, if the item/s are cheaper we will send you a refund for the price difference. 

NO MERGING ORDERS We cannot not merge orders together. Each order will be dealt with separately. If you have two orders, with a mixture of in stock and pre-order items, and you want the in stock items shipped from each order together, we cannot do this. You will need to either swap the pre-order item/s out for in stock ones or cancel your pre-order items. If without the pre-order items, your order total then falls under our free shipping or discounted delivery fee offers, you will have to pay for the full delivery fees. 

NO SHIPPING IN STOCK ITEMS EARLY We cannot ship your in stock items out early. If you wish your order to be shipped early, you will need to swap your pre-order items for in stock items or cancel your pre-order items. Iwithout the pre-order items, your order total then falls under our free shipping or discounted delivery fee offers, you will have to pay for the full delivery fees. 



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