Aural Imbalance - Dreaming In Future Tense - Artists Aural Imbalance Genre Drum & Bass Release Date 25 Nov 2022 Cat No. SRWAX18 Format 12" Vinyl - Stasis Recordings - Stasis Recordings - Stasis Recordings - Aural Imbalance - Dreaming In Future Tense - Sta - Vinyl Record

Aural Imbalance - Dreaming In Future Tense

LABEL:   Stasis Recordings

ARTISTS: Aural Imbalance
RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Drum & Bass

Lush and atmospheric tapestries are the hallmark signatures of Aural Imbalance's compositions. Easily spotted and loved by his knowledgeable fans. Dreaming In Future Tense, remembers all the euphoria, optimism, and exploration of the nineties D&B movement and carries it forward to the now in six soothing rollers. The perfect balance of embracing the past, living in the present, and eyeing the future.

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