Camille - 'The Bird Part 1' Vinyl - Artists Camille Genre Deep House, Beatdown Release Date 27 May 2022 Cat No. AR 010-1 Format 7" Vinyl - Adeen Records - Adeen Records - Adeen Records - Camille - 'The Bird Part 1' Vinyl - Adeen Records - Adeen Records - Vinyl Record

Camille - 'The Bird Part 1' Vinyl

LABEL:   Adeen Records

ARTISTS: Camille
RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-27
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House, Beatdown

Adeen Records comes with its series of funk, soul, dsco and jazz only edits label called The Bird. And it's first releases comes from label head Camille and Spanish graffiti artist and dj Cad73, and edited by DJ Boring. These two 7" gems came from each selectors childhood memories from living in Detroit and Barcelona respectively. While Camille draws such tunes as "Stop Bajon and Carino" from influences Detroit, Cad73 pulls "Shakedown and The Vulture" from early radio and parties growing up around Baecelona. Already a staple series amongst Adeen's catalog, This "The Bird" series may be the label we've been craving.

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